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“I installed my Mercury trim system on my Sugar Sand Tango afew days…nice difference. Quick whole shot, boat seemed to ride higher in the water, and noticed the bow spray went from just under the throttle to back along my seat. Takes the wakes much better…whole shot to thirty is 0.5 seconds faster and went from 50 to 52 mph on the top end.”

“I have just purchased my first hydraulic Place Diverter for my (baby) 76′ Sanger super jet. And I want to tell you how thrilled I am to have purchased such a FIRST quality product…This is the finest product for jet boats I have ever seen.”
Darren (the rooster)

“Thank you for working with me on the trim system for my jet boat. It works GREAT! It cured my porposing problem and works like a champ. I recommend this system!”
Gary, Air Commander Hovercraft, Inc.

“I just wanted to take a moment to comment on your trim system for Mercury jet drives. We purchased a 14 foot Sugarsand Tango in 2003 powered by a Mercury 210HP jet drive. It would go almost 55mph in a few seconds! We quickly learned that when the wind kicked up and the water became choppy the boat was useless! The bow would porpoise so bad then smack so hard no one had a good time. We couldn’t even stay on plane without a severely rough ride! After hearing about your system, we decided to give it a try. MAN, what a difference! With the system down the bow stayed glued to the water. Now we were gliding over chop, on plane, rather than being shot into the air. I think that on flat water we actually gained 1 mph as well. Without your device my wife would never go back out again! Now we go out almost every weekend! It’s been a pleasure working with your company! You have excellent customer service!”

“Well, what can I say? It is the best addition to my new boat that could have ever dreamed of. F. Place and I spoke on the phone several times before and after I purchased the trim system. I found Frank to be very helpful and easy to talk with. The control that it provides is just spectacular in rough water and at slow speeds I can plane with six people in the boat at 15 mph. I am very pleased with how I was treated and the quality of the product.”

“Second season with my Place trim system. Couldn’t boat without it. I’m on the ocean mostly and the control over the seas is the best. High seas are no problem just trim down and the ride smoooths out. Thanks for the number one accesory on my Sugar Sand Calais.”

“Frank took the time to listen to my problems and help diagnose the problem. The lift kit and droop worked and I was able to focus on the rest of the boat. Thank you again and hope to send everyone with a jet boat your way.”